Our IT support specialists are committed to providing your business with a first-rate service. You can count on them to respond quickly to your needs. Moreover, our personable and reliable staff will work proactively, therefore significantly limiting the need for reactive action to serious IT problems.

Comprehensive IT Solutions

Our technology professionals pride themselves on being able to offer a well-informed service in any area of business IT computing. Whatever your IT needs are, we have proactive IT specialists in place to handle it.

Experienced IT Staff

Our professional IT support staff at Sunrise have the knowledge and training to work across a broad spectrum of industries. We are committed to ongoing and continuing education, so our staff are always on top of the latest industry trends and technology solutions.

Reliable Communication

Communication is the foundation of any good business. Our IT support team will breakdown “IT speak” into language that is clear for those involved with technology as well as those who are not. We make technology user-friendly, and we provide follow-up and support to make certain everything is functioning for you as it should.

Field Sales Services

Our Field Sales Service Technicians are available across East Anglia, London and the Southeast, they will help you with hands-on IT solutions which include hardware delivery and setup, network installation and resolving failed hardware and internet outage issues.

We have a range of support services including:

Cloud services

Sunrise offers a range of cloud services which give your company access to a wide range of business tools, apps and software on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis. These services provide added flexibility, security and significant savings to your SME businesses.

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